President Trump and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

by Diane Ronngren

Introducing the new nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, and here is Donald Trumps chart for comparison. I understand there were 25 names on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees conservative think tanks provided to T rump. This past week, he narrowed the field to 4 individuals, and this evening (July 9, 2018 at 9:02 p.m.) Trump presented his second nominee to the Supreme Court via Television from the White House. According to the New York Times, the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, 53, a federal appeals court judge, former aide to President George W. Bush and onetime investigator of President Bill Clinton, was not a huge surprise–given his conservative record, elite credentials and deep ties among the Republican legal groups that have advanced conservatives for the federal bench.

It’s always interesting to see the ties between the charts of two individuals coming together to pursue a mutual project. How have their individual karmic signatures brought them to share an experience in time and space? The first hint is offered when we examine the North and South Nodes in their natal charts. Here we can see that Trump’s North Node is part of a configuration with Uranus and the Sun, opposite his Moon/South Node conjunction. His Nodes are 21 Gemini/Sagittarius 56 minutes. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kaqvanaugh’s North Node and South Node are 21 Gemini/Sagittarius 02 and Rx. Considering the cycle of the transiting Lunar Nodes takes 18 years and 9 months to return to the same degree, this type of a conjunction suggests the strong possibility of a karmic destiny for both of these men.

Looking further in the comparison of the men’s charts, Kavanaugh’s Moon is 7 Cancer 47 (we’re using a Noon birth time for his chart, because no exact birth time has been located as yet). Trump’s natal Mercury (the Ruler of his natal Uranus, North Node and Sun) is 8 Cancer 52.

I also looked at the two men’s Venus/Mars energies, to see what type of connection they have. Since one’s Venus can indicate what they want, and Mars can indicate how they will go about achieving and manifesting that thing they want, this is a good way to see how they might benefit one another. In this case Trump’s Venus is 25 Cancer 44, and Kavanaugh’s Mars i 26 Virgo38 Rx. They share a comfortable sextile energy between what one wants, and how the other will help manifest it. So, these two gents are pretty much on the same page, What Trump wants, Kavanaugh is willing to work to provide. However, Kavanaugh’s Venus (conjunct Mercury) is in the sign of Aquarius, and opposite Trump’s Pluto in Leo. Kavanaugh’s Venus is ruled by Uranus in Virgo (conjunct Pluto, both inconjunct his natal this Venus), so there are likely to be some surprises on both sides over time.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Sun is at 23 Aquarius trine Trump’s Sun at 22 Gemini. Both gentlemen have their Mars at 26 degrees of the sign Mars is in, this makes an exact semi-sextile aspect between their Mars energy–one in Leo in the 12th house, one in Virgo in the 5th house. Semi-sextiles show necessary adjustments resulting in internal frustration, so they will experience these as a result of their connection. In this instance, Kavanaugh’s Mars in Virgo is inconjunct his own Sun — not an easy aspect to be sure, especially considering that his Mars (and Uranus/Pluto) forms a T-square with his Nodes. He is of course used to working with the challenges these aspects suggest, and has a sharp intellect and determined mind of his own.

So interesting that both men have Jupiter at 17 degrees–one in Libra, the other in Taurus. Both Jupiters are ruled by their respective Venus, and both men have a hard aspect between their Jupiter and their Venus.

These two share a strong synastry, so it will be interesting to see how they support one another’s agendas. In the nomination this evening, transiting Venus is 29 Leo, conjunct President Trump’s Ascendant, the Ascendant is 26 Caprircorn (appropriate for nominating a man with a 26 degree Mars in Virgo), and Mars is retrograde at 8 degrees of Aquarius – conjunct Kavanaugh’s Venus, Nice, lots of Venus on the surface this evening, however, other aspects between their individual charts and the nomination chart indicate the struggle that will be part of this process.


6 Feng Shui Tips for Getting Pregnant

by Donna Stellhorn

Sometimes when we are looking for a solution and we’ve tried all the conventional means we have to do something – anything to get the energy moving again. You may have tried everything to get pregnant, here are some unconventional tips you may not have tried.

1. A Bowl of Rice: Feng Shui lore says to place a bowl of uncooked rice under the bed. This is to stimulate the fertility energy of those who sleep in the bed above. You can use a decorative bowl of fine china or just a plain ceramic bowl, I recommend against plastic or paper bowls. Long grain or short grain rice is fine just make sure it’s uncooked.

2. Let the Dust Bunnies Roam: Tradition says that you should not clean under the bed while trying to get pregnant. It’s said that the child’s soul comes to visit the prospective parents and this soul hides out under the bed. If you clean under the bed the soul is disturbed and leaves to find other parents. So don’t fret about how much dust is in your rice bowl just leave it be.

Bunnies carved from gemstones

3. Speaking of Bunnies: Rabbits represent fertility so displaying pairs of rabbits is said to increase baby making energy. You can use ceramic rabbit figurines, pictures of rabbits, stuffed rabbits or rabbits made of gemstone. The pair should look similar (so don’t try to match a stone rabbit with a stuffed rabbit). Place them in the room and move them to a new place in the room every week.

4. Plant a Seed: In Feng Shui, we use representations of what we want to attract energy so in this case, we want to plant some seeds and watch them grow. Grow a plant or two in the bedroom from seeds. Choose a plant that’s easy to grow and place it in a sunny window. You can also use cuttings to grow your plants but seeds are best.

5. Display an Egg: Eggs represent the potential for new life and babies so having an egg in the room helps stimulate the fertility energy. You can get egg-shaped stones like Jasper and Agate, there are petrified eggs, glass eggs, and Faberge-style eggs. Display the egg on your nightstand and keep it polished and shiny.

6. Get a Figurine of a Family: Small statues like three turtles standing one on top of the other, a family of three deer figurines or three stuffed animals in varied sizes all create the loving family energy. Place these on a table or chair (for the stuffed animals) in the bedroom so you can see them from the bed.

Sometimes the energy of the room itself is off but also sometimes there’s just some doubt from one potential parent or both that is blocking the energy. It’s important to clear any negative energy to allow the fertility energy to fill the room. These simple tips have helped others. Let me know what your experience is.

Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer, Feng Shui expert, and author of A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman. You can contact Donna at



Spring Equinox, Aries Ingress, 2018

by Diane Ronngren, C.A., Level IV, NCGR-PAA

Here is a quick astrological look at the planetary energy of the Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) for 2018. I have attached the chart for San Diego, California for those of you who like to have the chart.

Here are a few things you likely want to know:
As you can see if you look at the chart, many of the planets and symbols are in the 4th quadrant of the wheel, houses 10, 11, and 12. This means that much of what is happening in your and my life is about what is happening in our world outside of our individual lives. What is taking place in our community, our environment? What are the effects of the energy flowing around us?

As astrologers we can study the placement of these planets in the skies above our heads at the time of the Spring Equinox, and ponder the effect of this energy in our own lives in the coming 3 months this year. Please know it is likely each of us has a particular connection to the chart this year — one or the other of the Equinox planets may touch a planet in our own personal chart. This will indicate how we can us the connection to benefit our lives and allow us to play a more conscious role as a force for good in our world, and show us how we can benefit or impact others in our lives.

These Spring Equinox energies also indicate how we can direct our consciousness to explore our individual dreams and visions for the future. We can see how best to use our intuition, our meditation and our imagination or intent to shape our own spiritual growth at this time. We can use them to support our own emotional needs and our physical health. They also help us take action to feel more in touch with our soul’s purpose this year.

This concentrated chart emphasis is interesting from the perspective of this being the first Equinox since the beginning of the Chinese New Year (2018, Year of the Earth Dog). This is a year when we all benefit knowing how to be a part of a larger group of caring and supportive others, or how to take responsibility as a leader of a group of caring/active others. Think about what you know about “dog-energy”. Have you loved a dog? Do you have a dog, or know someone who does? If you think about what you know about dogs–big or small– how might this energy manifest in your own life: loyalty? acceptance? happiness at sharing an experience or everyday life? eagerness and excitement? friendliness? (or from a more negative perspective: growling? barking? biting? running off? fighting?).

Think about how you want things to be this year, how can you benefit by participating in activities and projects with others? group activities? group efforts? forming relationships/companionship with others of like mind overall? This will help you take action this year in ways that bring a lot of satisfaction, benefit and happiness.

The Moon and Rising sign in this wheel are in the zodiac sign of Taurus, an earth sign, suggesting we will have ability to attract to ourselves what and who we need to enjoy a happier life. Take a little time each month this coming year to visualize what you need to do to attract a better quality of life for yourself and others you care about. Plan what you can do to help goodness and blessings find their way to your life! (You might want to do this when the transiting Moon for a couple of days each month is in the sign of Taurus.)

The Sun is in Aries. This is the zodiac sign that signifies action, the urge to jump into the fray or start taking action–likely before thinking about outcomes we expect as a result of our actions. Mars, the planet of action is the Ruler of Aries, and is in the sign of Capricorn in the Equinox chart. Capricorn is an an earth sign, and it’s usual effect is inhibiting or blocking sudden or unplanned action. These two dissimilar planetary energies are not comfortable or at ease with one another!

This means we sometimes jump into something before we have thought through the possibilities and potential outcomes of our actions. This year’s Arise chart suggests it could be a good idea to run through our plans/ideas with a friend or someone whose advice we respect before jumping into action! If you find yourself making a choice or taking action spontaneously and without discussing with a trusted other, it is quite possible you will need to re-think things, take a step (or several) backwards, potentially even start over again before you find the result you are hoping for.

Saturn, our planetary teacher, is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, forming a easy relationship with this chart’s Moon in Taurus. This suggests there rewards resulting from planning and taking responsible actions. It’s a good idea to take steady steps towards our goals; and to take time to enjoy our lives as we go about our tasks and activities. This combination of an earthy Moon with Saturn is helpful for creating healthy habits and maintaining routines which benefit our physical experience of life.

For instance, what if you were to put in place schedule to follow every day? Maybe you need to set a time to get up in the morning, or going to bed at night; which days will you exercise (whether you’re in the mood or not); perhaps you’d like to try having one vegetarian day a week? almost all of us would like to spend more time with the people and things we enjoy most on a regular basis). These are all activities which enrich our personal lives and heal much of the stress of living in this busy world. Take some time to figure out what is really important to you, and make an effort to schedule these things into your life — if even for just a few times each week this year.

The planets Jupiter and Pluto are in a supportive relationship with one another. So, if you are hoping to transform some aspect of your life, if you want change or better opportunities, if you find yourself getting excited about testing an entirely new travel destination, a new job or a new companion — this is a really good year to be very clear about what you hope/expect the outcome to be! Good idea to write about what needs to change in your life, perhaps find a special page in your journal? This will help you remember what you asked for and be able to welcome the changes when they do manifest in your life.

Pluto is a powerful energy, and will bring changes into all of our lives this year in a significant way due to its connection with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio and with Uranus, now in Aries. Jupiter is often thought of as a benefic planet, a planet which brings opportunity and success as a result of our efforts. However, this year it is not an exuberant “let’s fly balloons” type of year, but more a year to bring us deep satisfaction and significant awareness and joy.

The Lunar Nodes in the signs of Leo and Aquarius support our personal growth this year. Welcome possibilities, challenges and the changes with curiosity and positivity. Accept and understand you are at a very powerful learning point in your life. It is quite possible something of great importance to you for many years now is no longer necessary to you living your best life. If so, let whatever it is go with blessings and thanks for the experience. Know the Universe is offering you a better reality for you, and it’s on its way into your life this year.

If you would like to know more about the way your personal planets can benefit from their connections with the ones in this Equinox chart, I am offering a 30-minute check-p for just $60 during April, 2018. For those of you celebrating your birthday between now and June 21st, arrange for your Solar Return reading this year for just $125/hour. (Add half an hour and an examination of your progressed planets for a more specific in-depth analysis of your energy this year for just a $75 additional fee.) Email me at to set up an appointment or ask a question.

Let’s Celebrate the Lunar New Year, 2018

by Diane Ronngren

I hope you have enjoyed the New Year so far, and getting started on your individual plans. Even so, it’s a good idea to continue to celebrate the New Year for a bit longer!

Customarily we celebrate New Year’s Eve on December 31st, and New Year’s Day on January 1st (starting at 12:00:01 A.M.). This is the welcomed traditional celebration in many Western countries–including ours–but there is no astrological or ancient cultural tie-in with this date. Rather our forefathers celebrated Yule at the time of the Solstice on December 21st; and for more than 1500 years Christians have celebrated the birth of Jesus and the beginning of the new age in December. Many astrologers believe that the Christian Jesus was born in March or April. I have heard of several dates that are popular. However It’s good to be aware some Christians–Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Russian Orthodox for example–celebrate Christmas and/or New Year on other dates.

Astrologically we mark the Winter Solstice as the shortest day of the year, and this is the “birthdate” for the Zodiac New Year from the perspective of the Earth quality (Capricorn). Many other religions than Christianity celebrate their New Year at different times during the year, there is a Jewish New Year, a Muslim New Year, and a Chinese or Eastern New Year among others.

And, after much study and observation, I have come to the conclusion that each individual celebrates what I call their Personal New Year (or Solar Return) at the time of their birthday each year. If I am consulting with someone about their life path at the time, I include information about their personal numerology. And each year/month/date can be evaluated in a numerological context as well.

Winter Solstice, Solar Return, and January 1st are a celebration of Solar Energy. We greet them with a sense of purpose, and start planning where we need to focus our attention–what do we need to do? What action do we need to take? Are we satisfied with the direction of our life? We focus often on actions we need to take on behalf of our physical and monetary or practical interests. People also think about making lists of worldly desires and quantifiable resolutions which often involve measurements or results or outcomes.

The Eastern celebration of New Year is lunar in essence and astrologically based. For instance, the Chinese lunar calendar is the longest chronological record in history and dates from 2637 B.C. Chinese New Year is celebrated at the time of the on the New Moon between January 21 and February 20th. This year Chinese Year of the Earth Dog falls on February 16th, and will be celebrated all of February but especially for a couple of weeks until the following Full Moon (in 2018 this will take place at the beginning of March 2018).

Often it is the custom for families to gather for an annual “reunion dinner” in the evening preceding Lunar New Year’s Day; people thoroughly clean their houses in order to sweep away any ill-fortune, and to make way for incoming good luck.Windows and doors are decorated with red color, and people wish each other “Good Fortune” or “Happiness!” along with wealth, good health and longevity. This is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals each year, with the largest annual mass human migration in the world (according to Wikipedia).

These are the reasons I celebrate New Year first in the Western manner: I like to focus on the practical matters of interest to me. And I celebrate the Lunar New Year by focusing on my more personal hopes, dreams, vision-work and relationships–spiritual aspects of my life during the time of the Eastern “New Year”.

Happy New Year!

I’d love to see you in person at my house in Carlsbad for: Monday Morning Astrology, ($15/class, meets every-other Monday, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm)
February Special: Solar Return (Happy Birthday!) readings booked in February, 2018  are just $135/hour

Diane Ronngren, C.A., Level IV, NCGR-PAA


5 Things You Can Do to Feel Better (and each takes less than 3 minutes)

by Donna Stellhorn

Sometimes I just wake up in a funk. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep. Or I’m feeling behind on my projects. Or sometimes I spent a little too much time on news headlines and suddenly I realize I’m depressed.

There are plently of things that can happen these days to leave you feeling down. But there are also ways to light the spark of hope and have it blazing within you. Here are five things I do to feel better right away and each take just a few minutes. (And you only have to do one to feel good).

  1. The Meditation of Loving Kindness.  I learned about this in Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of the Titans (which is an amazing book  by the way). He got it from Mingyur Rinpoche. Here’s how I do it. I sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Close my eyes and for 30 seconds or so I picture someone I care about having everything they ever wished for (health, wealth, happiness, etc.). Then for the next 30 seconds or so I picture an acquaintance or a colleague I know and that they have everything wonderful under the sun happen to them. Finally, for another 30 seconds I choose a stranger or a person in the public eye and wish them happiness, love, joy and success. And that’s it. I have found this amazingly effective for lifting the mood and it lasts all day.a woman meditating
  2. Dance. I put on some happy music and dance. Zumba works great for this. Exercise shifts our body chemistry and dancing is great exercise. I let go and dance like no one is watching.  Three minutes of dance and I feel better.Zumba
  3. Make a Clean Spot. This is what I call “spot decluttering”. I find a few items that can be tossed in the trash or put into the donation pile. Or I shred a small pile of papers. When you open up any space, even a tiny one, it feels like you can breathe. There’s a YouTube channel I enjoy called “Clean My Space”. I put on a quick video while I’m cleaning for inspiration.YouTube Channel Clean My Space
  4. Go Smudge Yourself. Smudging is a Native American-inspired method of clearing a person, place or object. Take sage (you can use whole leaves, ground sage or a smudge stick). Light the sage and move it around your body. You may feel an energy shift or that something is being lifted from you. You may not feel anything in the moment but in just a few minutes you feel better. I have a website on smudging with more information.Small Sage Bundle Burning
  5. Do Something For Someone Else: For me, depression happens when I focus inwards instead of outwards. It’s when I start thinking too much about myself and not about my service to others. I need to redirect my power (my gifts or just my energy) out into the world. So I pick up the phone and call or text other people offering to help them with what they need. Miraculously, this helps me most of all.Three Women Holding Hands

Let me know if you found this helpful. What you do to balance your energy and feel better?

Past Life Regression

by Kelly O’Tillery

I’ve asked many people over the years about their perspective on life and if they think people experience just one life, or multiple lives? I’ve heard “Yes”, “No”, and on occasion, “I don’t know?” In my experience most people have an opinion on this topic and it’s rarely up for debate.

Your upbringing, faith, and experiences all influence your beliefs and perspective about life and whether you give credence to the concept of past lives, or not.

For those of us who subscribe to the concept of past lives a past life regression can be a fascinating and enlightening experience. I think most people would agree that life is an opportunity to learn about themselves, a past life regression can render lot of information about who you are.

When a person tells me they want to experience past life regression my immediate response is, “Why?” What do you hope to discover or learn about yourself? What are your expectations and fears? Usually people have a few concerns about the process or experience.

Past life regression opens communication between your subconscious, where past life memories are stored and your conscious mind where those memories can be organized and analyzed in relation to your current life experience.

A past life regression can be helpful in discovering the root cause of fears or phobias, challenges that seem to repeat themselves like: difficulty holding a job, maintaining a relationship or bonding with people. Or, you may be curious about why you feel drawn to a specific area of the world, why you feel passionate about a cause, or what your mission is this lifetime.

If you’re looking for information from a past life regression that will facilitate changes in your life it’s important to remember that information alone will not generate change, you must take action. Awareness and understanding come with responsibility.

You make evaluations about yourself, your partner, your career and your life based on current knowledge and experience. New information and understanding can create the need for reassessment on many levels.

Upon completion of a past life regression it’s important to write about your experience. You want to document what you learned–insights and awarenesses–and how they relate to your life now. Like a dream the memories which seem so fresh in the moment will fade over time.

Consider how this new information influences your life, your work your relationships. Do you now have a better understanding of fears or phobias, habits, or patterns of behavior? What do you have the power to change now and how will you make those changes?

A past life regression is not for everyone; if you don’t think you’ve had past lives, attempting a past life regression will not change your mind. If you have lots of fears about the process or what you might discover, your mind will not allow you the experience.

If you trust you’ve had past lives and you are open to learning more about yourself and your history, consider taking the opportunity to enhance your current life experience.

The Number One Feng Shui Tip for 2017

by Donna Stellhorn

It’s January, and we are between New Year and the Lunar New Year. Typically at this time of year, we imagine how we want our lives to change over the next 12 months. We think about the resolutions we have made in the context of establishing better habits in our lives, and we have begun (or at least are thinking about beginning) to make efforts to make these changes happen!

This year, 2017, the feeling is even stronger! This is a “1” year. When you add 2+0+1+7, you get 10, and 1+0 equal 1. A “1” year signals new beginnings, a fresh start, an opportunity to try a new path or plan. Also, we’re entering a Rooster Year. Rooster energy is one of managing resources and capitalizing on opportunities. This will be the Year of the Fire Rooster! As we feel the Rooster energy this year, we’ll find ourselves being more decisive, focused and ready to work towards our goals.

Feng Shui can help us keep our resolutions. Let’s examine three popular resolutions: working on a side business; losing weight; and finding a new relationship. Let’s explore some easy changes we can make to focus and stay on track.

The number one tip I have for you is to create an environment that supports your goals. After so many years of doing Feng Shui, it’s gratifying to finally see big-time authors like Gary Keller and Tim Ferriss talk about the importance of having a supportive environment. It turns out it’s crucial for success. Distractions in the environment can derail even the most dedicated person. Let’s think about what it means to set up your environment correctly, so it can support you when you’re not feeling particularly motivated or strong.

Let’s take the first popular resolution: getting a side business going. If this is your goal, chances are you’ve already cleared out a space for a home office and have your computer ready to go. Now it’s just a matter of getting into that office. Between the door to the house and your office door, you can run into a whole series of distractions. You may have a large TV in your living room, and just opposite the TV sits a comfy sofa. The remote, with it’s friendly, easy-to-push buttons, is right there on the coffee table. You say to yourself, “I’ll just spend 5 minutes catching up on the evening headlines.”, and then 4 hours later you’re still in front of the TV.

The solution is to make it more difficult to follow the impulse to sit down in front of the TV as you go from your entryway to your office! For example, you could take the batteries out of the remote, or unplug the TV before you leave in the morning. If you must watch the evening news, maybe you can do it from an uncomfortable seat in the living room? Perhaps you can change your schedule upon coming home, and avoid entering the living room at all. Can you have dinner right away, and then go straight from your dinner table to your office?

The point is to identify external hindrances to your goal and find a solution.

If your goal is to lose weight, look to your kitchen to determine whether your environment is helping you or hindering your efforts. Studies show we tend to grab for what’s readily available, something right at eye level. When you open your refrigerator, are the fruit and veggies tucked away in the bins? What’s on the easy-to-see shelves may not be as healthy. Some people advocate removing all sweets and snack foods from the kitchen, but if you have a family, this can be impractical. Instead, simply make it harder to get to the junk food (hide them in the bins and at the back of the shelves) and easier to get to the healthy food (place fruits and veggies at eye level at the front of a shelf).

Back when I had a second refrigerator in the garage, I would store all the snacks in that frig and all the healthy stuff in the frig in the kitchen. Amazingly the extra three minutes it would have taken me to go to the garage was enough to convince me I didn’t want a sweet snack. It curbed the impulse to grab a cookie.

You can do this with pantry items as well. Place the candy and chips on a very high shelf, or far back in a deep cupboard. If you find you have to get on your hands and knees to crawl into a cupboard each time in order to retrieve your favorite cookies, you will eat less of them. This is just one example of dozens of things you can do in your kitchen to reduce distractions and improve your chances of weight loss success.

Finally, let’s think about how your home environment affects you as you look for a new relationship. When looking for love, one of the keys to success is to get out of the house and meet someone! This can be challenging when you’ve come home from a full day at your job. How can you muster the energy to change your clothes and get out the door again? For some people, this can be a serious obstacle. Home may be filled with comforting distractions, essential daily tasks, and home improvement projects.

In this case, keep the things you need to get you out of the house again right next to the door. The further you get into the house, the harder it is to leave again. In the morning print out the event flyer that has attracted your interest, and tape it to the door. If you’re changing your clothes before you go out, perhaps you can place the appropriate selection in the half bath by the door and change there (taking your work clothes to the hamper or closet later.). Hang a romantic picture by a door you often pass to remind you why you’re out there looking. Consider leaving your cell phone in your car, so you have to return to the car to retrieve it.

These are just some examples. Your situation is unique to you, but you can absolutely set up your home to be a supportive environment for your goals. I would love to help you with this and show you how to shift your environment to bring you success. You can email me at

Mars Retrograde – April 17, 2016 – June 29, 2016

Mars represents energy and action

Action tips for Mars Retrograde

The Mars Retrograde cycle is the time to slow down and think about what you are doing and where you are going. Mars Retrograde gives you time to accomplish this; in fact, the current Mars Retrograde cycle will continue until June 29, 2016.

Now is the time to clean out and clear up that which was not done. Focus on the areas where you’ve been procrastinating, blocked by circumstances beyond your control, or have simply been unable to catch up. Liberate yourself from the, “I’ll get to it later list”! Finish up, let go, release, terminate, end.

Review and rework projects which are already in process: add new information, edit, improve, tweak, and adjust.

Saturn is also in its retrograde phase during the Mars Retrograde cycle. Together these two planets indicate actions and plans must be carried out in a disciplined, consistent and persistent manner – commitment is key. You need to be organized and resourceful, yet the tools and information you need may not be right at your finger tips. You need to create a firm foundation from which to build your dreams and aspirations, step by step, brick by brick, literally and figuratively. And not least of all, you need to be patient as things will take longer to develop and grow than you might expect or prefer.

You may feel frustrated because some aspect of your life feels stuck, or it seems you’ve lost momentum, or the same problem is repeating over and over again. Often the issues pertain to work, a close relationship, or health issue.

Pay special attention to problems you experience during Mars Retrograde. Problems encountered now indicate the areas where you need to rethink and redirect the action you’re taking. Slow down and think about where you are focusing your energy and effort. Think about how you are using/spending your money. Who is the beneficiary of your time, energy and money? Are you being adequately compensated? Are you focusing your energy and resources on things which are relevant to your life now? Or are you operating on autopilot and not really paying attention to what you’re doing and where you’re going?

Remember, you make a decision about an action before you take action. Decisions made without thoughtful consideration (knee jerk response) often result in unintended consequences. Thoughtfully consider where you’re headed; question your plans, goals, and strategy for reaching your goals, before you take action!

Reflect, redo, reconsider, rethink, rework, reconstruct, remember, reevaluate, reclaim, review, redirect, renegotiate, reschedule, rearrange, retrace, and repeat!

During Mars Retrograde people have a tendency to operate from “avoid-mode”, “over-react -mode”, or a process which alternates between the two. Ego and reactive behavior can derail joint ventures which require cooperation and compromise. Deal with problems as they arise. Ignoring them won’t make them go away, they will simply fester and become bigger problems.

What can you do if you happen to be on the receiving end of someone having a Mars Retrograde meltdown? You need to give them space and time to calm down; sometimes people just need to vent before they can rationally deal with a problem. Once they have regained their composure, the problem can be addressed, but in a way that doesn’t put them on the defensive. Effective problem solving requires patience, awareness, and a thoughtful and balanced approach.

Okay, that’s the big picture with regard to the overarching effect of Mars Retrograde. Now here’s an example of the small and petty annoyances that pop up during Mars Retrograde.

The remote control for my TV stopped working and I assumed the batteries needed to be replaced. I took the back of the remote off and discovered one of the batteries had leaked powdery battery acid inside the remote. I carefully remove the batteries, trying to keep the battery acid from getting all over, but of course it did anyway.

Now I needed to clean the battery acid from the inside of the remote, wipe off the counter and the floor! I was focused on doing everything so carefully but the powdery substance just seemed to drift. Amazingly, I had the batteries I needed but I wasn’t sure if the remote would still work? It did! So the simple battery changing project which should have taken a minute or two ended up taking more time and effort than I had expected = Mars Retrograde!

Because things take longer than we think they will, deadlines can be particularly stressful now. The only way to get through Mars Retrograde with a shred of sanity is to prioritize. You simply can’t do everything you normally do in the usual amount of time. If you can buy yourself a little more time, do so, but that’s not always possible. Decide what absolutely has to get done now, focus on that particular task, and stick with it (as much as possible) until it’s completed. Then move on to the next project.

The way our world and especially our country operates now, there’s not enough time to slow down and reboot. It’s up to each of us to find the time in our busy over-committed lives to temporarily interrupt the continual flow of forward movement. We simply must apply some restraint from time to time in order to regroup, rethink and reconsider what we are doing and where we are going. Mars Retrograde is the signal from our Universe it’s time to cease forward progress just long enough to catch up and refocus.

Contact me if you would like more information regarding the areas of life where you will personally experience the energy of Mars and Saturn Retrograde.

Kelly O’Tillery

March 2016 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts


Here are the March, 2016 Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts, here on the West Coast. You’ll notice a really big 6th house on the Solar Return, with the Sun/Moon in Pisces Eclipse, and the Mercury/Neptune conjunction, as well as Venus and the Vertex at 25 Aquarius! That’s an amazing amount of energy to be expressed in health, service/support and daily routine, pets, and other 6th house energies!

And the Sun/Moon Eclipse conjunction is opposite Jupiter in the 12th house, bringing protection, but also the possibility to feel overwhelmed or to feel “distant”and dis-connected, to feel fear and dis-comfort — or to feel very detached and to seek quiet and meditative states. Spiritual practices like prayer and meditation or physical exercise that emphasize stretching/breathing and focusing on the NOW are important ways to use this energy. Also, giving yourself a break (or a nap) during the day, and a little extra time to get things done is the best way to use this energy. There are rewards to what Jupiter is bringing, you can see the Part of Fortune between the Jupiter and the Ascendant, and the North Node, but you need to take the time to be aware of them; you need to be open to receiving and accepting these gifts.

You are at the end of a couple of cycles at this point, this Eclipse cycle has threads going back 18 years and 9 years — you might even find hints from what was going on in your life 4-1/2 years ago. It is time to think about what was going on in your past in those times; then bless and forgive (or love) yourself for the effort you have applied in the past to the process of learning this lesson in a way that helps you do so well this time around!

Also, this Eclipse marks the end of a particular learning curve in your life represented by the 12-year cycle of Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo, which in this Eclipse Season is in the same sign as the North Node. You can think back to the early part of 2004 to find hints about the type of lessons currently on your “required learning” list — lessons that are being brought up for additional study at this time.

This Pisces Solar Eclipse itself shows up in the chart for the West Coast as part of a Grand Cross with the Asc/Dsc (with Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes and Chiron) and the MC/IC (with Saturn conjunct the IC), suggesting that the structure of your life is under consideration (and under construction). Are you ready to make changes in important areas of your life — internally, on a daily basis, to create a better life for yourself? You may be dealing with guilt and frustration, but realize that without these feelings you would not have the impetus to move forward into your best life, to create1` a future you want to live!


The March, 2016 Lunar Eclipse shows us where we can find the energy to take action on the plans/goals/desires/intentions the Solar Return has awakened for you. The Sun in Aries is opposite the Moon in Libra (Moon says “others are important, and I must be there for them”; Sun says, “It’s my turn, I have things to do to make life better for me first, others thereafter. (Think of the airplane warning: “In case the oxygen masks come down in an emergency, apply the mask to yourself first, then to any you hope to help …”).

The Lunar Eclipse Sun is also conjunct Mercury. Your ideas and ideals are important, significant, need your attention, and need to find their way out into the world! It’s OK to offer others a chance to connect with you, but in return they need to support and encourage you, join in a project that excites you, offer advice (you can take or ignore), and express generosity of spirit and friendship towards you! Notice how big the 1st house is with the Sun/Mercury conjunction, and with Neptune conjunct Venus, Chiron and South Node. This combination can represent the need to heal past wounds and sadness related to a lack of acceptance, lack of support (past or present) in order to turn a page on people who have not been there for you.

You will feel the urge to reach out to others to provide the Lunar, accepting, loving, encouraging, supportive Energy represented by the Moon in the 7th house of the chart. Jupiter is also in the 7th house, between the Vertex and the North Node. The Vertex signifies people who have a karmic/dharmic link with you, and who need to bring you support in this life. The North Node in the 7th house, widely conjunct the Moon, opens doors and brings other people into your life — new (or re-connecting) friends, partners, associates —  seek to connect with you going forward. They want to be part of the life you are creating, to support your dreams/goals/wishes for the future.

Notice the Part of Fortune in this Lunar Return, in the 6th house, but conjunct the 7th house, offering a lot more fun and creativity, friendship and opportunity to participate in mutual activities on a regular basis!

Tip: Those of you who took my Mars + Eclipse class, remember, the Moon in a Lunar Eclipse is powerful–and in this case it is approaching a sextile to Mars and the Midheaven. Mars is showing off its Sagittarius offerings hoping to be asked to take action in some regard, “I can do these types of things, offer this “Menu of Options” to help you make your life better and more interesting…” Now it’s up to the Moon to ASK! for what it wants of the nature of the 9th house, Mars in Sagittarius, and the Midheaven in Sagittarius.

The Sun and Mercury are also moving to form an aspect with Mars (conjunct the Midheaven ) and will provide energy for whatever the Moon wants to have happen! Plan now, think about what you want, and prepare to receive!


Venus In Aries

by Diane Ronngren

This evening (May 2) transiting Venus will enter the Zodiac Sign of Aries. She will remain in this sign for almost the entire month of May, bringing each of us opportunities to explore her passion and her determination and her courage (words we associate with the energy of the sign).

So, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I care? I’m dealing with the challenges and surprises resulting from a Solar and Lunar Eclipse! And I’ve read about a Grand Cross between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. It all sounds pretty grim, and anyway, Venus is all about sweetness and light, so her trip through Aries is not anything I need to focus on right now.”

Let’s think this through. In the process of dealing with the major changes that affect our lives over the long term, we still live our everyday lives, eat our meals, take jobs, start businesses, fall in love, buy homes, have sex, seek pleasure and benefit from our activities and our relationships. Our lives, our personal reality, our money, our relationships – these are the realm of VENUS. And, since Venus rules all of these things, it is a good idea to keep an eye on her movements, and be aware of her presence, and listen to her messages.

I like to think of Venus as “the iron fist in a velvet glove”. Astrologically Venus is considered the ruler of two signs in the zodiac: Taurus and Libra. Interestingly at this time, Venus in her position as ruler of Taurus (the zodiac sign of the Sun in the recent Solar Eclipse), and Libra (the zodiac sign of the Moon in the recent Total Lunar Eclipse) is the BOSS of all things connected to these eclipses!

So, in a way, Venus in Aries will provide you with your main tool to deal with the challenges and opportunities coming your way this month. And she will give you ample samplings of her passionate and determined Aries energy along the way. Need I say, you will need this energy?

So, how can you identify the tools Venus is bringing you to use in your journey through the month of May, 2014? As I explain in my booklet, VENUS, as with all other astrological significators, we often become aware of their expression in our lives through negative aspects of experience. These are a few of the ways Venus tries to get our attention. Make a note whether these show up in your life, or if similar ones get your attention over the next few days:

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Lack of determination
  • No one to love or care about us
  • No one to love
  • Poor income, or no work
  • Loss of an important person
  • Anger (at something/someone specific)
  • Frustration
  • Discomfort

If you identify one or more of these (or other similar feelings), note them down and recognize these are the tools used by Venus to get your attention. Venus wants to be needed. She can bring things we wish for, hope for, ask for, want, and would be happy with! All we need to do is focus our attention (this month using the Aries tools she is offering) on these actions in order to benefit from her presence in our lives.

When Venus enters a new sign or a new house in your chart, she usually announces her arrival by bringing some kind of discomfort, something that causes you to recognize some specific lack. Whether you identify the lack in your life in the Taurus arena or in the Libra parts of your life at this time, you will now be plugged in to the determination, the passion, the direct focus, the strength, the zest for living and the courage to finish what you set out to do! All you have to do is ask for ________ (fill in the blank), as you launch into battle, meet the challenges, and determine your path into the future!

My booklet, VENUS, is available in print or digital format at