March 2016 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts


Here are the March, 2016 Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts, here on the West Coast. You’ll notice a really big 6th house on the Solar Return, with the Sun/Moon in Pisces Eclipse, and the Mercury/Neptune conjunction, as well as Venus and the Vertex at 25 Aquarius! That’s an amazing amount of energy to be expressed in health, service/support and daily routine, pets, and other 6th house energies!

And the Sun/Moon Eclipse conjunction is opposite Jupiter in the 12th house, bringing protection, but also the possibility to feel overwhelmed or to feel “distant”and dis-connected, to feel fear and dis-comfort — or to feel very detached and to seek quiet and meditative states. Spiritual practices like prayer and meditation or physical exercise that emphasize stretching/breathing and focusing on the NOW are important ways to use this energy. Also, giving yourself a break (or a nap) during the day, and a little extra time to get things done is the best way to use this energy. There are rewards to what Jupiter is bringing, you can see the Part of Fortune between the Jupiter and the Ascendant, and the North Node, but you need to take the time to be aware of them; you need to be open to receiving and accepting these gifts.

You are at the end of a couple of cycles at this point, this Eclipse cycle has threads going back 18 years and 9 years — you might even find hints from what was going on in your life 4-1/2 years ago. It is time to think about what was going on in your past in those times; then bless and forgive (or love) yourself for the effort you have applied in the past to the process of learning this lesson in a way that helps you do so well this time around!

Also, this Eclipse marks the end of a particular learning curve in your life represented by the 12-year cycle of Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo, which in this Eclipse Season is in the same sign as the North Node. You can think back to the early part of 2004 to find hints about the type of lessons currently on your “required learning” list — lessons that are being brought up for additional study at this time.

This Pisces Solar Eclipse itself shows up in the chart for the West Coast as part of a Grand Cross with the Asc/Dsc (with Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes and Chiron) and the MC/IC (with Saturn conjunct the IC), suggesting that the structure of your life is under consideration (and under construction). Are you ready to make changes in important areas of your life — internally, on a daily basis, to create a better life for yourself? You may be dealing with guilt and frustration, but realize that without these feelings you would not have the impetus to move forward into your best life, to create1` a future you want to live!


The March, 2016 Lunar Eclipse shows us where we can find the energy to take action on the plans/goals/desires/intentions the Solar Return has awakened for you. The Sun in Aries is opposite the Moon in Libra (Moon says “others are important, and I must be there for them”; Sun says, “It’s my turn, I have things to do to make life better for me first, others thereafter. (Think of the airplane warning: “In case the oxygen masks come down in an emergency, apply the mask to yourself first, then to any you hope to help …”).

The Lunar Eclipse Sun is also conjunct Mercury. Your ideas and ideals are important, significant, need your attention, and need to find their way out into the world! It’s OK to offer others a chance to connect with you, but in return they need to support and encourage you, join in a project that excites you, offer advice (you can take or ignore), and express generosity of spirit and friendship towards you! Notice how big the 1st house is with the Sun/Mercury conjunction, and with Neptune conjunct Venus, Chiron and South Node. This combination can represent the need to heal past wounds and sadness related to a lack of acceptance, lack of support (past or present) in order to turn a page on people who have not been there for you.

You will feel the urge to reach out to others to provide the Lunar, accepting, loving, encouraging, supportive Energy represented by the Moon in the 7th house of the chart. Jupiter is also in the 7th house, between the Vertex and the North Node. The Vertex signifies people who have a karmic/dharmic link with you, and who need to bring you support in this life. The North Node in the 7th house, widely conjunct the Moon, opens doors and brings other people into your life — new (or re-connecting) friends, partners, associates —  seek to connect with you going forward. They want to be part of the life you are creating, to support your dreams/goals/wishes for the future.

Notice the Part of Fortune in this Lunar Return, in the 6th house, but conjunct the 7th house, offering a lot more fun and creativity, friendship and opportunity to participate in mutual activities on a regular basis!

Tip: Those of you who took my Mars + Eclipse class, remember, the Moon in a Lunar Eclipse is powerful–and in this case it is approaching a sextile to Mars and the Midheaven. Mars is showing off its Sagittarius offerings hoping to be asked to take action in some regard, “I can do these types of things, offer this “Menu of Options” to help you make your life better and more interesting…” Now it’s up to the Moon to ASK! for what it wants of the nature of the 9th house, Mars in Sagittarius, and the Midheaven in Sagittarius.

The Sun and Mercury are also moving to form an aspect with Mars (conjunct the Midheaven ) and will provide energy for whatever the Moon wants to have happen! Plan now, think about what you want, and prepare to receive!


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