Mars Retrograde – April 17, 2016 – June 29, 2016

Mars represents energy and action

Action tips for Mars Retrograde

The Mars Retrograde cycle is the time to slow down and think about what you are doing and where you are going. Mars Retrograde gives you time to accomplish this; in fact, the current Mars Retrograde cycle will continue until June 29, 2016.

Now is the time to clean out and clear up that which was not done. Focus on the areas where you’ve been procrastinating, blocked by circumstances beyond your control, or have simply been unable to catch up. Liberate yourself from the, “I’ll get to it later list”! Finish up, let go, release, terminate, end.

Review and rework projects which are already in process: add new information, edit, improve, tweak, and adjust.

Saturn is also in its retrograde phase during the Mars Retrograde cycle. Together these two planets indicate actions and plans must be carried out in a disciplined, consistent and persistent manner – commitment is key. You need to be organized and resourceful, yet the tools and information you need may not be right at your finger tips. You need to create a firm foundation from which to build your dreams and aspirations, step by step, brick by brick, literally and figuratively. And not least of all, you need to be patient as things will take longer to develop and grow than you might expect or prefer.

You may feel frustrated because some aspect of your life feels stuck, or it seems you’ve lost momentum, or the same problem is repeating over and over again. Often the issues pertain to work, a close relationship, or health issue.

Pay special attention to problems you experience during Mars Retrograde. Problems encountered now indicate the areas where you need to rethink and redirect the action you’re taking. Slow down and think about where you are focusing your energy and effort. Think about how you are using/spending your money. Who is the beneficiary of your time, energy and money? Are you being adequately compensated? Are you focusing your energy and resources on things which are relevant to your life now? Or are you operating on autopilot and not really paying attention to what you’re doing and where you’re going?

Remember, you make a decision about an action before you take action. Decisions made without thoughtful consideration (knee jerk response) often result in unintended consequences. Thoughtfully consider where you’re headed; question your plans, goals, and strategy for reaching your goals, before you take action!

Reflect, redo, reconsider, rethink, rework, reconstruct, remember, reevaluate, reclaim, review, redirect, renegotiate, reschedule, rearrange, retrace, and repeat!

During Mars Retrograde people have a tendency to operate from “avoid-mode”, “over-react -mode”, or a process which alternates between the two. Ego and reactive behavior can derail joint ventures which require cooperation and compromise. Deal with problems as they arise. Ignoring them won’t make them go away, they will simply fester and become bigger problems.

What can you do if you happen to be on the receiving end of someone having a Mars Retrograde meltdown? You need to give them space and time to calm down; sometimes people just need to vent before they can rationally deal with a problem. Once they have regained their composure, the problem can be addressed, but in a way that doesn’t put them on the defensive. Effective problem solving requires patience, awareness, and a thoughtful and balanced approach.

Okay, that’s the big picture with regard to the overarching effect of Mars Retrograde. Now here’s an example of the small and petty annoyances that pop up during Mars Retrograde.

The remote control for my TV stopped working and I assumed the batteries needed to be replaced. I took the back of the remote off and discovered one of the batteries had leaked powdery battery acid inside the remote. I carefully remove the batteries, trying to keep the battery acid from getting all over, but of course it did anyway.

Now I needed to clean the battery acid from the inside of the remote, wipe off the counter and the floor! I was focused on doing everything so carefully but the powdery substance just seemed to drift. Amazingly, I had the batteries I needed but I wasn’t sure if the remote would still work? It did! So the simple battery changing project which should have taken a minute or two ended up taking more time and effort than I had expected = Mars Retrograde!

Because things take longer than we think they will, deadlines can be particularly stressful now. The only way to get through Mars Retrograde with a shred of sanity is to prioritize. You simply can’t do everything you normally do in the usual amount of time. If you can buy yourself a little more time, do so, but that’s not always possible. Decide what absolutely has to get done now, focus on that particular task, and stick with it (as much as possible) until it’s completed. Then move on to the next project.

The way our world and especially our country operates now, there’s not enough time to slow down and reboot. It’s up to each of us to find the time in our busy over-committed lives to temporarily interrupt the continual flow of forward movement. We simply must apply some restraint from time to time in order to regroup, rethink and reconsider what we are doing and where we are going. Mars Retrograde is the signal from our Universe it’s time to cease forward progress just long enough to catch up and refocus.

Contact me if you would like more information regarding the areas of life where you will personally experience the energy of Mars and Saturn Retrograde.

Kelly O’Tillery

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