Spring Equinox, Aries Ingress, 2018

by Diane Ronngren, C.A., Level IV, NCGR-PAA

Here is a quick astrological look at the planetary energy of the Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) for 2018. I have attached the chart for San Diego, California for those of you who like to have the chart.

Here are a few things you likely want to know:
As you can see if you look at the chart, many of the planets and symbols are in the 4th quadrant of the wheel, houses 10, 11, and 12. This means that much of what is happening in your and my life is about what is happening in our world outside of our individual lives. What is taking place in our community, our environment? What are the effects of the energy flowing around us?

As astrologers we can study the placement of these planets in the skies above our heads at the time of the Spring Equinox, and ponder the effect of this energy in our own lives in the coming 3 months this year. Please know it is likely each of us has a particular connection to the chart this year — one or the other of the Equinox planets may touch a planet in our own personal chart. This will indicate how we can us the connection to benefit our lives and allow us to play a more conscious role as a force for good in our world, and show us how we can benefit or impact others in our lives.

These Spring Equinox energies also indicate how we can direct our consciousness to explore our individual dreams and visions for the future. We can see how best to use our intuition, our meditation and our imagination or intent to shape our own spiritual growth at this time. We can use them to support our own emotional needs and our physical health. They also help us take action to feel more in touch with our soul’s purpose this year.

This concentrated chart emphasis is interesting from the perspective of this being the first Equinox since the beginning of the Chinese New Year (2018, Year of the Earth Dog). This is a year when we all benefit knowing how to be a part of a larger group of caring and supportive others, or how to take responsibility as a leader of a group of caring/active others. Think about what you know about “dog-energy”. Have you loved a dog? Do you have a dog, or know someone who does? If you think about what you know about dogs–big or small– how might this energy manifest in your own life: loyalty? acceptance? happiness at sharing an experience or everyday life? eagerness and excitement? friendliness? (or from a more negative perspective: growling? barking? biting? running off? fighting?).

Think about how you want things to be this year, how can you benefit by participating in activities and projects with others? group activities? group efforts? forming relationships/companionship with others of like mind overall? This will help you take action this year in ways that bring a lot of satisfaction, benefit and happiness.

The Moon and Rising sign in this wheel are in the zodiac sign of Taurus, an earth sign, suggesting we will have ability to attract to ourselves what and who we need to enjoy a happier life. Take a little time each month this coming year to visualize what you need to do to attract a better quality of life for yourself and others you care about. Plan what you can do to help goodness and blessings find their way to your life! (You might want to do this when the transiting Moon for a couple of days each month is in the sign of Taurus.)

The Sun is in Aries. This is the zodiac sign that signifies action, the urge to jump into the fray or start taking action–likely before thinking about outcomes we expect as a result of our actions. Mars, the planet of action is the Ruler of Aries, and is in the sign of Capricorn in the Equinox chart. Capricorn is an an earth sign, and it’s usual effect is inhibiting or blocking sudden or unplanned action. These two dissimilar planetary energies are not comfortable or at ease with one another!

This means we sometimes jump into something before we have thought through the possibilities and potential outcomes of our actions. This year’s Arise chart suggests it could be a good idea to run through our plans/ideas with a friend or someone whose advice we respect before jumping into action! If you find yourself making a choice or taking action spontaneously and without discussing with a trusted other, it is quite possible you will need to re-think things, take a step (or several) backwards, potentially even start over again before you find the result you are hoping for.

Saturn, our planetary teacher, is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, forming a easy relationship with this chart’s Moon in Taurus. This suggests there rewards resulting from planning and taking responsible actions. It’s a good idea to take steady steps towards our goals; and to take time to enjoy our lives as we go about our tasks and activities. This combination of an earthy Moon with Saturn is helpful for creating healthy habits and maintaining routines which benefit our physical experience of life.

For instance, what if you were to put in place schedule to follow every day? Maybe you need to set a time to get up in the morning, or going to bed at night; which days will you exercise (whether you’re in the mood or not); perhaps you’d like to try having one vegetarian day a week? almost all of us would like to spend more time with the people and things we enjoy most on a regular basis). These are all activities which enrich our personal lives and heal much of the stress of living in this busy world. Take some time to figure out what is really important to you, and make an effort to schedule these things into your life — if even for just a few times each week this year.

The planets Jupiter and Pluto are in a supportive relationship with one another. So, if you are hoping to transform some aspect of your life, if you want change or better opportunities, if you find yourself getting excited about testing an entirely new travel destination, a new job or a new companion — this is a really good year to be very clear about what you hope/expect the outcome to be! Good idea to write about what needs to change in your life, perhaps find a special page in your journal? This will help you remember what you asked for and be able to welcome the changes when they do manifest in your life.

Pluto is a powerful energy, and will bring changes into all of our lives this year in a significant way due to its connection with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio and with Uranus, now in Aries. Jupiter is often thought of as a benefic planet, a planet which brings opportunity and success as a result of our efforts. However, this year it is not an exuberant “let’s fly balloons” type of year, but more a year to bring us deep satisfaction and significant awareness and joy.

The Lunar Nodes in the signs of Leo and Aquarius support our personal growth this year. Welcome possibilities, challenges and the changes with curiosity and positivity. Accept and understand you are at a very powerful learning point in your life. It is quite possible something of great importance to you for many years now is no longer necessary to you living your best life. If so, let whatever it is go with blessings and thanks for the experience. Know the Universe is offering you a better reality for you, and it’s on its way into your life this year.

If you would like to know more about the way your personal planets can benefit from their connections with the ones in this Equinox chart, I am offering a 30-minute check-p for just $60 during April, 2018. For those of you celebrating your birthday between now and June 21st, arrange for your Solar Return reading this year for just $125/hour. (Add half an hour and an examination of your progressed planets for a more specific in-depth analysis of your energy this year for just a $75 additional fee.) Email me at diane@dianeronngren.com to set up an appointment or ask a question.

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